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Why are the best ties made of silk?

You can find neckties made of just about anything: wool, polyester, cotton, linen, cashmere - even leather (a trend in the 80s that, fortunately, did not last long).

But silk remains the superior fabric for a truly high quality tie. What is it about silk that makes it so perfect for our favorite item of clothing?

Silk is a natural protein fiber that first originated in ancient China. Originally reserved for emperors and nobility, the lustrous, soft material is a beacon of luxury to this day. But silk’s popularity comes from more than just its beauty.


Did you know that a silk thread is nearly as strong as steel? In fact, it’s the strongest naturally occurring fiber on earth, and researchers have explored ways to use silk derivatives in everything from body armor to building materials!


A six foot silk thread stretched to seven feet will actually return to its original length with little sign of wear. (Any self-respecting tie wearer will know not to try this at home, so you'll have to take our word for it.) This is why you’ll notice ties are so resistant to wrinkling, and why they return so easily to their original shape after undoing your tie knot.


Dyes easily penetrate the fiber structure of silk, and if properly cared for, the colors won’t lose their vibrance over the useful life of the tie. Because of its absorbency, silk can be dyed as easily as fabrics like cotton or wool.

The Red & Blue Floral Tie, a testament to the vibrant colors of dyed silk.


Because silk fibers are so smooth, the fabric rarely attracts dirt and debris. Any dirt that does find its way to your tie can be easily removed with gentle washing or dry cleaning (we always recommend dry cleaning - read more about our Tie Care Tips here.)


The best ties are not only beautiful, but special attention is paid to their hand, or how they feel in your hand. Silk is a top choice because it is uniquely soft and smooth to the touch.

P.S. - We hope this sheds some light on why ties are so often synonymous with silk. If you're ready to experience silk at its finest, browse our line of 100% silk, handmade Italian neckties today!

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