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Answered: What is a tie's "hand?"

Every industry has its confusing terminology and eccentric lingo (just ask a wine expert to describe their favorite glass). We in the tie business are no exception. Here, we’ll break down what someone means when they talk about a tie’s hand.

Hand is an evocative term used in the fashion and textile industries to describe the feel of a fabric, in this case a tie. You might hear it in relation to consistency, firmness, texture, smoothness, softness, or any combination of these qualities.

True menswear enthusiasts and tie connoisseurs appreciate an exquisite hand. In addition to size, color, and pattern, it’s a major differentiator between an exceptional tie and something that's been lurking around a department store display rack.

Some experts even say that the feel of a good tie should mimic the sensation of touching skin! (This is a huge reason why silk is the go-to fabric for ties.)

After all, detail is everything. Learn to recognize the subtle, private satisfaction of a tie’s hand, and you'll have a newfound appreciation for our favorite article of clothing.

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