How big are your ties?

Our ties are unique; for the other brands, standard ties are typically around 3.25” and skinnier ties 3” in width. Both our Grenadine and Modern Tie collections come in at 3.15” (8cm), a ‘hybrid’ width more common in Europe – not quite standard, but not quite skinny. A more modern, slim width. Our ties are between 57 - 59” long, standard necktie lengths that will fit almost everyone.

What do I do if my tie is wrinkled or stained?

Please visit our Tie Care & Cleaning page for information on removing stains and wrinkles, tie storage, and more.

Where are your ties made?

Our ties are handmade in primarily Como, Italy and Rome, Italy, although we sometimes engage with workshops located elsewhere in Italy. We often share pictures and stories from our workshops on social media, so check us out on Instagram @ambitionmenswear.

A tie I like is out of stock. When do you plan on restocking it?

We produce our ties in small quantities to ensure maximum quality control, so some styles sell out quickly. If and when we plan on restocking depends on the style. Please shoot us an email at – we’ll let you know (and we’ll double check that there isn’t an extra tie hidden away somewhere!)

I have a picture / story I want to share.

Have a picture, story, recommendation, etc.? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at

I want to contact your PR / Press team.

We’d love to hear from you. Contact us

I’m a fashion / men’s style influencer. How can I contact your marketing team?

We’re always interested in discussing new partnerships – please shoot us an email at

What is Ambition Menswear?

Other tie brands are 100% focused on making you look good, and usually named after a designer or some tie-related pun. Ambition Menswear is different - we're the one tie brand focused on you, and dedicated to helping you look and feel like you can take on the world. Check out our full story here!

Why are you called Ambition Menswear when you just sell ties?

Fair question – it’s because we’re tie addicts, above all other articles of clothing. From the beginning, we wanted to provide our customers with the highest quality ties so they can take on the world in style. But who knows what the future has in store…

How do I buy your products? What is your policy on shipping, returns, or exchanges? Why do links take me to Amazon?

For your convenience, we house the entirety of our inventory with Amazon! This means you can buy securely on Amazon's site, and enjoy their extremely convenient shipping options and their customer-friendly returns and exchanges policies.

Here you'll find our FAQ - the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive, answered here for your convenience.